• Arrival by plane:

Arriving in Palermo by plane and the Falcone-Borsellino airport also called Punta Raisi, is 35km (22 miles) west of the city center on the A29 highway.
There are daily direct flights in from all of Italy's major cities as well as London, Barcelona, Frankfurt, and other major European capitals, including flights on low-cost carriers like easyJet, Meridiana, and Air Berlin.
There are also direct flights from New York City to Palermo on euroFly/Meridiana.

How to get downtown from the Palermo airport

By bus: The Prestia & Comandè bus (tel. +39-091-586-351 or +39-091-580-457; www.prestiaecomande.it) runs to central Palermo every 30 minutes. In central Palermo, the airport bus stops several times along Via Libertà, at the Politeama, at the port (Via Emerico Amari 5), and finally at the Palermo Centrale train station. It costs €6.10 (buy tickets on the bus).50 min.
By train: The Trinacria Express train (tel. +39-091-704-4007; www.trenitalia.com) connects the airport terminal with Palermo Centrale train station twice an hour (hourly on Sundays) for €5.80. 67 min.
By taxi: A taxi from the airport to downtown Palermo will cost €35 to €45. Cabs line up outside the arrivals hall. You can also call ahead for a Radio taxi to get to the airport (tel. +39-091-225-455 or tel. +39-091-513-311).

  • Arrival by train:

Almost all trains pull into Palermo's Stazione Centrale on Piazza Giulio Cesare at the foot of Via Roma, at the southeastern edge of the city center. The piazza in front of the train station is the main city bus terminus for Palermo.
As a general rule, bus routes starting with a "1" head north from the station; buses starting with a "2" head south (at least eventually; some tool around in the center first).

  • Arrival by Ferry:

The Palermo port of embarkation for passenger ferries is Molo Piave, on the Calata Marinai d’Italia off Via Francesco Crispi (a block or two north of the intersection with Via Emerico Amari).
Bus 139 heads to the port from the Palermo Centrale train station.
Palermo is connected by ferry with the Aeolian Islands and Ustica, Civitavecchia/Rome, Naples, Salerno, Genova, and Cagliari (Sardegna).

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